Crime Scene

Lauren Barrier
Estados Unidos

(El asesino amenazado, René Magritte)

I was making a mock-up of the scene in my notes.
I drew corners, the bed and body parts,
buttons, the plastic yellow strip
announcing the crime scene do not enter
the crime scene in all caps. I drew it
to scale. You were there with a flashlight.
The two of us again the first two on
the scene, and you suggested I tie you
to the bed with the extra crime scene tape.
I kept to my notes, but then I felt
dangerous. I took the bright tape
and tied you brightly up. The sound
of our bodies was like shaking a jar
of buttons. When I shook the jar my hand
shook. Could I open you without being opened,
or close you without being opened? We were
so full of each other that we did not mind
the bodies were dead. We stopped noticing the crowding
room. We buttoned and unbuttoned, but mostly
unbuttoned. Your body was everywhere
and my legs and my body were everywhere

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