Dead was the night...

David E. Perozo

But Juan, Adrian and I were there, sitting there at 4am recounting our misfortunes and small thrills of that night…

…After having had 3 beers and a drink of rum each, while watching beautiful rich girls who were 7 years young than us dancing to some unknown rock & reggae band….

We later ended up going to another place but refused to pay the admittance fee, we went to a mall where a friend of Juan was there with his buddies and some girls at one of the clubs. Unfortunately there weren’t nearly enough girls for us.

The only thing we could do was gaze at a hot busty beauty in a white dress and peek over her inviting cleavage while she engaged in conversation with 5 other blokes at the same time. All of us wanted to fuck her and let our dicks run wild and free among those massive tanned mounds of flesh without a shadow of a doubt in our minds.

To take the edge off, one of Juan’s mates supplied us with cheap vodka and orange juice. So, we stayed there, undressing women with our eyes and having vodka.

30 mins later, we were bored, even the big breasted girl was bored and was yawning from all the guys hitting on her.

Almost, drunk, we called it a night and headed for the car, on our way there we got stopped by a security guard who told us we couldn’t leave because someone got murdered and two were injured and the murderers were still in the building, after we heard that our almost drunkenness disappeared.

Juan, Adrian and I sat on a sidewalk, waiting at 4 am, while we waited; we made the most of it, by watching the rich and not so rich people around us. There was another woman with big breasts in a tight green corset top, making out with her fat ginger haired boyfriend.

Across from us was a line of boys and girls sitting down, there was one girl wearing a flower dress who looked so sweet and adorable but the poor naive one didn’t realize that just because the dress covered her knees while she kept them tightly together as she was sitting down, it didn’t cover her inner thighs and ultimately her crotch, of course she had underwear on but it was a delightful show nevertheless as we waited and exchanged comments on how violent the city has turned, how disappointing nightlife is nowadays, that we just couldn’t stand living in a country like this, and so on.

During that conversation I told Juan; “Man, Death is following us! First at the Mauro Picotto rave, now this” to which he replied by laughing as hard as possible, until tears appeared and he said “David! We’re fucked!”

After the laughing stopped, Adrian kept mumbling questions, “Do you think this is fair man? Do you think we should live like this? The Devil took this city away” “We should’ve stayed at the first place with the rich young girls”.

Juan, Adrian and I were there, sitting there at 4am, sleepy, wanting very badly to take a piss and horny from all the women we had seen and still a little drunk.

Dead was the night or was it after all?

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