Words from somewhere in Iowa City ("sorry about our bad English")

The brothers Chang, vice lords, slave traffickers, murderers unredeemed, they were still curious to know what it is that of creative writing. They heard some rumors about Iowa City; something about some writing workshops, and teaching over 70 years. "70 years!" said the Chang brothers! "These people know what they are doing”. Without thinking twice, they bought us plane tickets and sent us on the state of Iowa. Hiding in our luggage, they just waited and waited in our room. We had no idea what they wanted. So we started to wander through the beautiful down town, and one day, we ended following a small group of suspects who emerged from the strangest cafeteria in the city: the Tobacco Bowl. We walked and walked behind these guys, and finally came to the house of a Spanish poet named Ana Merino. There was a costume party, so we could sneak without major problems (started walking stick very close to each other, shoulder to shoulder, and said we were Chang and Eng Bunker). There we found that not only was a costume party, but also was dedicated to some international writers. The light was on our minds! We ran to find our luggage, we went back and soon opened the bags. From the inside not only the Chang brothers came out, but their best murderers too…

We prefer not to tell what happened to the poor writers. Some say they ended up buried in the Effigy Mounds. Others say they are wandering and lost among the endless fields of corn. But before disappearing forever, the Chang brothers forced them to give samples of their writing. So what's left of these writers, are the texts that you will see below.

The Chang brothers, meanwhile, still do not know yet what it is creative writing.

José Urriola and Fedosy Santaella (corn eaters)

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